Sunions® Return to Grocery Aisles; Amanda Van Poperin Comments

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Mon. December 27th, 2021 - by Anne Allen

PARMA, ID - Crying over onions is so 2021. Welcome to the future! Sunions® are back in season with a fresh crop now available for retailers to get out on those shelves.

Amanda Van Poperin, Customer Marketing Manager, Sunions®“Our products must pass three separate tests for flavor, crunch, and tearlessness to determine their ship date,” said Customer Marketing Manager, Amanda Van Poperin. “This season’s crop is arriving to retailers now and estimated to be available through March, depending on supply.”

The tearless onions are a product of more than three decades of farming and research and development. The result is an uncompromising brand promise that each onion must be certified both tearless and sweet before shipping to retailers, a release explained.

As the new year kicks off, Sunions® are back in season and ready for retailers to add them to the produce aisles

Sunions are also unique in that their rigorous testing process ensures a consistent flavor. The longer they’re stored, the sweeter they taste!

They are also not genetically modified, another brand distinction, and grown through an all-natural cross-breeding technique to save shoppers from crying tears in the kitchen.

Tears of joy, however, do not count.