Syngenta’s iStem® Cauliflower Earns Bronze Innovation Award at Fruit Logistica 2022; Pim Neefjes and Jeremie Chabanis Comment

Fri. May 6th, 2022 - by Lilian Diep

DOWNERS GROVE, IL - Syngenta Seed Company is always working toward innovation across its product portfolio, and the company has been recognized for its cutting-edge approach. Recently, the seed purveyor earned a bronze trophy at Fruit Logistica’s prestigious Innovation Awards for its unique “eat-it-all” cauliflower, iStem®.

Pim Neefjes, Global Crop Unit Head Leafy and Brassica, Syngenta Seed Company“iStem is unique as the first edible stem cauliflower,” said Pim Neefjes, Global Crop Unit Head Leafy and Brassica. “It has the benefit of a high yield for growers and appeals to consumers with its sweet, nutty curds, high fiber, and immune-boosting vitamin C, and it can be eaten whole with no preparation, thus reducing food waste.”

In the past, Syngenta’s YOOM® tomato and Angello® seedless snack pepper both took home the gold Fruit Logistica Innovation Award, showing the company’s ongoing commitment to producing state-of-the-art varieties, a press release explained.

(Left to Right): Arend Schot, Head Europe/Africa/Middle East; Jeremie Chabanis, Head Value Chain Europe/Africa/Middle East; Pim Neefjes, Global Crop Unit Head Leafy and Brassica; and James Gray, Head LSV Sales Europe/Africa/Middle East show off Syngenta Vegetable Seeds’ prowess with its innovation award

This latest cauliflower innovation continues to highlight Syngenta’s dedication to growers and sustainability, using its science-based agronomic solutions to create sustainable crops while anticipating consumer preferences and market trends.

Jeremie Chabanis, Head Value Chain Europe/Africa/Middle East, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds“After two years of the pandemic and amidst growing concerns around global food security and climate change, we had many fruitful discussions with our partners about how we can support them to make the best decisions and offer them solutions for regenerative agriculture,” says Jeremie Chabanis, Head Value Chain, Europe/Africa/Middle East. “Based on the theme ‘meet on site again,’ the Fruit Logistica event in Berlin showed the importance of gathering in person. Growers, traders, retailers, and our key partners were able to see, taste, and feel our vegetables.”

What cutting-edge products will Syngenta unveil next? Keep a tab open for AndNowUKnow to find out.

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