Tekni-Plex Acquires Keyes Packaging Group; Eldon Schaffer and Kevin Strangeland Comment

Mon. September 27th, 2021
- by Anne Allen     

WAYNE, PA - Deals are struck with the end consumer in mind, and this is especially true of the recent acquisition of Keyes Packaging Group by Tekni-Plex. The company made the decision to acquire the group to enable its own customers with solutions that keep food products fresher for longer. Keyes Packaging Group will now operate as part of the Tekni-Plex Consumer Products division.

Eldon Schaffer, Chief Executive Officer, Tekni-Plex Consumer Products“Once again, we have added an incredible resource to the Tekni-Plex family,” Eldon Schaffer, CEO of Tekni-Plex Consumer Products division. “Keyes brings market intelligence and a deep material science application knowledge to us, as we continue on our journey to becoming more and more proactive for our customers.”

Keyes Packaging Group has made a name for itself in the industry as a provider of environmentally friendly, protective packaging for both the food and beverage industry. According to a press release, the company is comprised of two diverse companies: Keyes Fibre and Wrap Pack.

Tekni-Plex made the decision to acquire Keyes Packaging Group to enable its own customers with solutions that keep food products fresher for longer

“Adding Keyes to the Tekni-Plex Consumer Products family also gives us a boost in our overall efforts toward providing additional sustainable solutions to our customers. Together with the recently acquired Grupo Phoenix capabilities, our existing Tekni-Plex organization and now with Keyes, we are building a tremendous future for the market, our customers, and our employees,” Schaffer continued.

Keyes Fibre, which is located in Wenatchee, is among a limited number of suppliers that produce molded fiber trays for the packaging and shipment of apples and avocados, as well as eggs and wine bottles. Wrap Pack, which is located in Yakima, Washington, produces fruit and vegetable specialty-tissue protective wrap for storing and shipping pears, apples, and citrus.

Kevin Stangeland, President and Chief Executive Officer, Keyes Packaging Group“We are excited to join a company focused on creating next-generation solutions for the market and the opportunities this provides Keyes Packaging employees and customer partners,” added Kevin Stangeland, President and CEO of Keyes Packaging Group.

As the demand for molded fiber packaging products is expected to rise with increasing consumer demand for more environmentally friendly packaging solutions, this partnership could not be better timed.

Tekni-Plex Keyes Packaging Group