Titan Farms’ Lori Anne Peaches Hit Retail Shelves Nationwide; Lori Anne and Chalmers Carr Comment

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Mon. June 28th, 2021 - by Lilian Diep

RIDGE SPRING, SC - Summer is in full swing, and nothing captures the taste of the sun better than produce in season. Titan Farms is bringing Mother Nature’s hard work back into retail stores as its Lori Anne Peaches make their appearance once more at select retailers nationwide.

Lori Anne Carr, Vice President and Administrative Manager, Titan Farms“The opportunity to interact directly with customers is genuinely something I look forward to. We are excited to be able to travel and introduce Lori Anne Peaches to new market areas for these retailers,” Lori Anne Carr, Vice President and Administrative Manager, commented. Consumers ask the best questions, and I have the opportunity to share stories about the farm, peaches, and our family. At the same time, I am also able to share tips, techniques, and even some recipes! It’s truly a lot of fun!”

Bringing back memories of Southern summer days passed and lazy days shared with family while a warm homemade peach cobbler cools on the kitchen counter, these peaches will bring nostalgic memories to consumers as they take a bite this season. According to the release, the varieties that make up the Lori Anne Peach brand are chosen for flavor and are the absolute best of the best fruit grown at Titan Farms; only the top 20 percent of the grower’s peaches make it under the brand name.

Titan Farms is bringing Lori Anne Peaches back into select retail stores nationwide as Lori Anne Carr revives the tradition of holding in-person sampling

In anticipation of the release, Titan Farms has revamped its POS signage for the upcoming season.

Excitement is practically palpable this season as Carr herself will continue to hit the road, upholding the tradition of in-store demos as restrictions continue to ease and in-person sampling takes its place back in the produce aisle. Demos will be held at select retailer locations in Minnesota and Louisiana this July and August.

Anticipating the return of Lori Anne Peaches, Titan Farms has revamped its POS signage for the upcoming season

For more than 10 years, Titan Farms has grown beautiful peaches that are unique and different. Grown by Chalmers and Lori Anne Carr, this peach is so special that Chalmers could not think of a better name than that of his beloved wife.

Chalmers Carr, President and Chief Executive Officer, Titan Farms“A peach so special I named it after my wife,” Chalmers Carr, President and Chief Executive Officer of Titan Farms, commented on the company’s famous peach brand.

College sweethearts turned partners in life and in business, the dynamic duo has produced this ripe and consistently tasty peach with just enough fuzz to land a spot in the shopping basket. The peaches receive a lot of tender and loving care—ripened by humid South Carolina nights, harvested by hand, and carefully selected for packing. Thanks to this perfect marriage of ripeness and flavor, Lori Anne Peaches have that special flavor that consumers look for.

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