Titan Farms Vice President of Sales Daryl Johnston Talks Expanding Broccoli Opportunities

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Wed. November 30th, 2016
- by Jordan Okumura     

RIDGE SPRING, SC - With veggies top-of-mind as we move through the holiday season and into the New Year, Titan Farms is bringing the company’s broccoli program to retailers across the U.S. East Coast and select banners in Canada. With the Thanksgiving push wrapping up, Daryl Johnston, VP Sales for Titan Farms, joins me to discuss the latest and greatest with the program and where the current market sits.

Daryl Johnstron, VP Sales, Titan Farms“We are one of the largest broccoli growers in the state of South Carolina and harvest broccoli out of our Ridge Spring headquarters,” Daryl tells me. “It has been a great year. For us as a grower/shipper, we are up double digits on both product harvested and sales, as compared to last year.”

When I asked Daryl how Titan is experiencing the current market, he notes that demand is picking up with the holidays.

“Right now the balance is pretty even with slightly more demand than supply,” he says. “Pricing is slightly lower than last year making now a great time for promotional opportunities for our retail partners. Titan works very closely with vegetable breeders to select broccoli varieties that provide consumers the best quality, with 5-6 days more shelf-life than broccoli in some other U.S. regions.”

Titan Farms Broccoli Field

Titan looks forward to continuing its relationships with existing customers while adding new ones in 2017, with the goal of partnering for growth.

This fall season, Titan is offering broccoli in traditional cardboard boxes and RPCs. Titan offers top quality product with exceptional food safety standards, as the company shares with me. One major advantage is its location, as it provides logistic savings for customers along the East Coast. 

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