Tom Lange Family of Companies Readies for Southeast Produce Council's Southern Exposure; Becky Wilson Shares

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Wed. February 23rd, 2022 - by Anne Allen

LOUIS, MO - I can’t wait to pound the pavement at this year’s Southern Exposure—a show that promises to be as marvel-ous as its theme. Before I head down to Orlando, Florida, I touched base with Becky Wilson of Tom Lange Family of Companies, who clued me in on what the company will be showcasing at this year’s event.

Becky Wilson, Vice President of Operations, Tom Lange Family of Companies“We will be promoting all of the services that we offer to the industry. Be it logistics, procurement, or our Seven Seas label strawberries, citrus, and asparagus, we offer a multi-faceted program,” the Vice President of Operations imparted.

A long, rich history follows the company to Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure. With over 60 years of experience and offices strategically located throughout the United States, Tom Lange Co. has the ability to cater needs to individual customers.

“We specialize in sourcing products from around the globe and then getting them to our customers,” Becky told me. “The challenges of the last couple of years have certainly highlighted our ability to keep pace with the changing business environment. The perfect example of this ability to change and pivot is the way in which our logistics division adjusted to the current transportation challenge. The Tom Lange offices are collaborating and focusing on maximizing space on available trucks.”

In addition to its Seven Seas label strawberries, citrus, and asparagus, Tom Lange Family of Companies will be promoting all of the services it offers during Southen Exposure, including logistics and procurement

Indeed, the company prides itself on being a one-stop shop for simplifying all of its customers’ produce needs.

“We’re excited to exhibit at Southern Exposure because the Southeast Produce Council’s events have proved to be valuable in meeting the industry’s needs of coming together with current customers and promoting our services to new ones. The intimate atmosphere of the event provides the perfect opportunity to connect with friends and business colleagues in a way which no other show can match,” Becky concluded.

To say hello to the team, stop by booth #1130!

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