Uber-Style Farm Service Looks to Save Costs for U.S. Producers

Fri. June 24th, 2016
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

KANSAS CITY, MO – Ride shares are the new form of easy and affordable transportation, but what about equipment sharing in the ag world? MachineryLink is looking to bring the successful service-sharing platform model to ag by connecting farmers with the equipment they need

As farmers continue to look towards cost saving methods and diversify their operations, this new service is looking to circumvent one of the costliest aspects of farming; the equipment. According to a USDA farm census, farm equipment is the second-largest farm expense. Nationwide, farm equipment totals $244 billion in worth. 

Ben Dye, Vice President, MachineryLink Sharing“Farmers have been sharing equipment for decades, of course. A grower alluded to that last week—‘our grandpas were doing this,’” stated Vice President Ben Dye to Delta Farm Press. 

MachineryLink said that its platform is a simple solution to two problems, according to Delta Farm Press; connecting farmers with affordable access to equipment needed, and extending profits to farmers whose equipment would normally be idle.

On the company's site is a variety of equipment used for farming and ag. Users are able to rent out the equipment required, and an optional operator (if needed). The equipment can be transported from anywhere in the country, though users must pay for transportation.

Registration is free, and the site currently boasts more than 1,200 users and tens of millions of dollars in equipment for farmers to choose from. 

As the produce world continues to look towards cutting costs and streamlining efficiency, stay up with AndNowUKnow as we continue to report on this innovative concept and how it could change operations in the industry.

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