United States Sweet Potato Council Searching for New CEO

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Mon. November 24th, 2014 - by Andrew McDaniel

UNITED STATES - The United States Sweet Potato Council (USSPC) is on the hunt for a new Executive Secretary to fill the position of Chief Executive Officer for the organization. This person would be responsible for coordinating consistent achievement of the USSPC's mission and financial objectives.

Sue Johnson-Langdon, Executive Director“We are looking for someone who is knowledgeable of the produce industry and in particular in the area of sweet potatoes,” shared Sue Johnson-Langdon, Executive Director at the NC Sweet Potato Commission. “They need to have new and fresh ideas to promote and grow the organization.”

For more information and details about how to apply for this position you can check out the full job listing on Joe Produce.

The sweet potato category has enjoyed tremendous growth in recent years, with consumers increasingly turning to the savory tuber because of its versatility, taste, shelf-life, and nutritional profile. Due to controlled environments, American farmers are able to grow premium sweet potatoes year-round in the United States.

“We have the ‘total package’ here with sweet potatoes,” Sue shared. “We’ve always been told to eat our vegetables, and here we have a naturally sweet and flavorful veggie that is a super food nutritionally.”

“Once we began to explore the possibilities of value added products available to consumers, we knew the category would take off,” she continued. “We are seeing continuous increases as sweet potatoes have moved from a holiday staple to a year-round choice.”

The USSPC notes that the candidate will not have to relocate for this position if selected, provided that they live within the borders of the continental United States. This position will be hired under contract with the USSPC, and will be considered a contractor, not an employee of the USSPC.

For any questions regarding this position be sure to check out the full job listing on Joe Produce. Any additional questions can be directed to Sue Johnson-Langdon at [email protected]

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