Urban Produce Opens Its First High Density Vertical Growing System

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Fri. August 1st, 2014 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

NEW YORK, NY - Urban Produce is helping to take growing technology to the next level with its first, High Density Vertical Growing (HDVG) System. This patented system will go online August 1st and will provide a growing atmosphere for both live and cut produce, including 28 varieties of microgreens as well as a variety of different basil, bok choy, wheatgrass, strawberries, mint and herbs from major retailers, food services and culinary chiefs.

Danielle Horton, Director of Marketing“We believe in bringing the best nutrient dense, fresh produce we can, directly into urban cities.  Our goal is to expand our footprint and build 50 new facilities in the next 3 to 4 years,”  Danielle Horton, Director of Marketing, tells AndNowUKnow. “Providing access to locally grown, fresh produce in the heart of a city can help increase consumption and availability in a very unique setting.” 

The Urban Produce High Density Vertical Growing System has been developed as a sustainable alternative to traditional agriculture, utilizing advanced hydroponic technologies in a controlled environment.   The patented technology takes the best of hydroponics and increases the yield by stacking produce vertically, in a closed, completely automated environment. Urban Produce Opens Its First High Density Vertical Growing System

“Our patented growing technology allows us to grow the equivalent of 16 acres of produce on just a 1/8 acre footprint, all while reducing water usage by 90% as compared to traditional row farming.  Imagine the tremendous short-term benefit to locally grown, organic produce using less water while reducing our carbon footprint and bringing jobs to local communities.  Now, imagine that 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year...the long-term benefits are absolutely incredible.   We are very excited with the opportunities that lay ahead of Urban Produce as we look to expand into urban cities all over the U.S., and Canada,” said Ed Horton Ed Horton, President & CEOin a press release.

“The HDVG system is completely automated and ensures that the plant gets exactly the right amount of water and nutrients required with no runoff or excess,” Danielle tells me.

Urban Produce is a 21st century growing system producing locally grown, organic, sustainable produce while employing local communities and reducing their carbon footprint.

Look for one of these impressive structures in the near future as Urban Produce takes their initiative to Urban areas near you.

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