US Foods Announces Second Quarter Fiscal 2020 Results

Tue. August 4th, 2020
- by Anne Allen     

ROSEMONT, IL - The challenges faced by the foodservice industry have been numerous since the wake of COVID-19, but distributors such as US Foods continue to push the envelope on innovation as it supports those foodservice operators hit hardest.

Pietro Satriano, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, US Foods"While COVID-19 continues to impact the foodservice industry and our business, we remain confident in the long-term outlook for both the industry and our company,” said Pietro Satriano, Chairman and CEO, in the company’s most recent Q2 report. “Our team is focused on providing tools, technology, and expertise to help operators succeed in this rapidly changing environment. As the quarter progressed, we saw trends in volumes, margins, and bottom-line profitability improve, and we believe our scale, our differentiated platform, and our strong balance sheet leave us well-positioned to gain market share as the industry continues to recover.”

Such tools have included free reopening kits to independent restaurants across the country, the launch of its Make it Now platform which provides webinars and advice to the foodservice sector, and a new e-commerce platform that gives operators easier access to 40,000+ new products.

US Foods' leadership remains confident in the long-term outlook for both the industry and the company during these challenging times

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