Veg-Fresh Farms Appoints Mario Yubeta as Sales Manager for Good Life Organic™

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Wed. October 26th, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

NOGALES, AZ – Veg-Fresh Farms is doubling down on its commitment to growing its Good Life Organic™ offerings from the newly-built Nogales location with a new team leader.

Mario Yubeta, Sales Manager, Veg-Fresh Farms

The company has hired 10-year produce sales veteran, Mario Yubeta, as Sales Manager, who will lead a new Sales Assistant, as well as two QC team members to receive, perform QC functions, and ship product. Yubeta’s sales team is expected to work seamlessly with Veg-Fresh’s Good Life Organic™ sales team in its Corona, CA, headquarters. Yubeta will report to Good Life Organic™ Category Manager, Anthony Innocenti. 

Randy Cancellieri, Partner, Veg-Fresh Farms

“Not only does Mario possess a solid background in produce, he was also born and raised in Nogales and brings exceptional local knowledge and expertise to the table,” Randy Cancellieri, a Partner at Veg-Fresh Farms. “He has a full understanding of all aspects of the Nogales produce season.”

According to a press release, the Nogales location provides convenience to customers throughout the Midwest, East Coast, and the South, who will now have better access to loading organic veg from October through June. 

Yubeta (left) with the Nogales team

Cancellieri continued, “As our Good Life Organic™ program continues to expand and offer more products and services, our customers became more vocal that they wanted to load organic vegetables in Nogales and save both time and money on transportation.”  

To learn more about the company’s Nogales facility from the company themselves, check out the company’s website,

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