Verdant™ Technologies' HarvestHold Fresh® Solution Adopted by Titan Farms to Maximize Shelf-Life of Peaches; Gordon Robertson and Chalmers Carr Discuss

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Mon. February 27th, 2023 - by Lilian Diep

RIDGE SPRING, SC - Increased shelf-life leads to a better experience for shoppers and maximized return on investment for buyers and suppliers. For this reason, many companies have optimized unique technologies to achieve such a goal. A recent partnership between Verdant™ Technologies and Titan Farms is on this trajectory, as the peach supplier will be optimizing Verdant’s HarvestHold Fresh® solution to extend the quality, freshness, and flavor of its peaches from harvest to consumption.

Gordon Robertson, Chief Executive Officer, Verdant™ Technologies“Working together with Titan Farms, we’re helping set the bar for freshness and simplicity,” said Gordon Robertson, Chief Executive Officer of Verdant Technologies. “Titan Farms is an industry leader, and we are honored to partner with them to help deliver high-quality peaches. This collaboration will have lasting effects on reducing shrink at retail and providing consumers with an improved peach-eating experience. We are proud to be part of this effort and look forward to seeing the positive impacts this partnership will have throughout the industry.”

As a press release explained, HarvestHold Fresh provides critical benefits to the entire produce value chain by significantly reducing waste, increasing grower and retail efficiency, and helping ensure a fresher product for the end consumer.

Titan Farms will be optimizing Verdant™ Technologies’ HarvestHold Fresh® solution to extend the quality, freshness, and flavor of its peaches from harvest to consumption

Over the last two years, Titan Farms has aligned with Verdant Technologies to conduct large-scale trials to demonstrate the benefits of HarvestHold Fresh on peaches. The companies’ collaborative research revealed results in fewer fruit pressure drop in storage and transit between the control and treated groups, regardless of variety.

Chalmers Carr, Owner, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Titan Farms“We are committed to innovation and providing the highest quality products to our customers,” said Chalmers Carr, Owner, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Titan Farms. “I am thrilled to work with Verdant Technologies to bring their HarvestHold Fresh solution to Titan Farms. This partnership will enable us to increase the shelf-life and freshness of our peaches to customers while reducing waste throughout the supply chain.”

Titan Farms is dedicated to ensuring its peaches are grown, harvested, and packed in the best possible conditions throughout its entire operation. Through the implementation of HarvestHold Fresh, Titan Farms is able to extend the firmness and quality of its peaches, thus giving the consumer a better experience.

Where will this advantageous partnership take these two burgeoning industry forces? Stick with ANUK to find out.

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