Victoria Lopez of Fox Packaging & Fox Solutions Talks Summer Packaging Insights and More

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Thu. July 1st, 2021 - by Chandler James

MCALLEN, TX - The importance of packaging has never been more apparent, as shoppers continue to lean into the safety of protected products in the produce aisle. There is a seemingly never-ending array of options, but how can you best utilize them across your portfolio year-round? Fox Packaging & Fox Solutions is one operator aiming to answer this question for its partners, and I had the chance to talk summer insights and more with Victoria Lopez of Marketing.

Victoria Lopez, Marketing, Fox Packaging“Collaborate with your packaging partner. There is always a way to set your product apart on the shelf, and packaging is the best place to tell your story,” Victoria told me as we dove into packaging preferences at the consumer level. “Our team understands the individual needs of various commodities, and that is taken into consideration when designing a packaging application. We constantly review materials to make meaningful revisions to our product line, which has played a role in defining packaging in the produce industry.”

As we know, strong branding goes hand-in-hand with the importance of packaging, and Victoria emphasized that the need has never been greater in the produce aisle.

“Now is the time for suppliers to give a new voice to their mission via their package messaging, and share the work that they are doing behind the scenes to bring quality products to the shelf in a safe and mindful way,” she said. “This display of ‘who we are’ champions your cause and appeals to like-minded consumers.”

Fox Packaging & Fox Solutions is one operator aiming to help its partners best utilize packaging to set the product apart on the shelf

Victoria added that consumers see the products they buy as an extension of their own personal brands. During summer, for example, pouch bags are applicable to a wide range of categories because of their convenient grab-and-go features and ample print space.

In terms of updating your design for summer promotions, Fox Packaging suggests small-illustrated patterns, hyper-simplistic geometry, or even technical ink-like drawings that play to a product’s color scheme in a symmetrical, bold way.

“Keep your packaging design in line with your product; the best tip is to keep it simple and light. Understand current trends, and then tone those trends down to create a straightforward message with personality,” Victoria noted. “Products need to be relatable. Responsible materials with bold patterns and earthy palettes seem to be a general eye-catching direction.”

Consumers see the products they buy as an extension of their own personal brands, and keeping packaging designs close to current trends while using responsible materials can go a long way

At the end of the day, though, Victoria said that brand transparency is the key to unlocking repeat sales.

“Having transparency with retailers, customers, suppliers, and our teams has allowed us to review our product in totality and make improvements where they can be made,” she concluded. “This sets us apart as packaging manufacturers and has contributed to our overall success as partners.”

The possibilities are truly endless, and Fox Packaging is here to help you find the perfect fit.

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