Vision Import Group's Ronnie Cohen Discusses Tight Mango Market

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Thu. April 1st, 2021 - by Peggy Packer

HACKENSACK, NJ - The further I delve into this undeniably complex industry, the more I learn about what it takes to succeed within it. I recently sparked a conversation with Vision Import Group’s Vice President of Sales, Ronnie Cohen, about the current mango market, which resulted in the addition of two new valuable produce industry “keys to success” to my mental keyring—constant adaptation and communication.

Ronnie Cohen, Vice President of Sales, Vision Import Group“The season began a little earlier this year, and we had good volume considering the first bloom fruit,” says Ronnie, as he provides me a lens into the current mango market. “The first couple of weeks were good, but when the cold front hit and went down into Mexico, demand was affected. An earlier glut of fruit in the marketplace has since cleaned up, and now with Peru out of the market, prices have firmed up and left the market much more active with good demand.”

Because the company is in between its first and second blooms, production volume is lower, causing a tight market for the category. However, higher volume is expected in the weeks to come, priming retailers with the opportunity to fortify their spring displays with the supplier’s vibrant mangos.

“We are expecting a few more weeks with more volume coming online, and I foresee good promotional volumes,” adds Ronnie.

Higher mango volume is expected in the weeks to come, priming retailers with the opportunity to fortify their spring displays with Vision Import Group's vibrant mangos

Quality for the fruit has been exceptional, and with volume building over the coming weeks, Vision Import Group will be ready to arm retailers with a delicious advantage when it comes to setting themselves apart and driving traffic to the produce department. The key to marketing the company’s enticing mango varieties? That's right, communication.

“We like to have clear communications with our partners, so all of us involved—including the consumer, ourselves, and our growers—all benefit from marketing mangos at the correct moments within the season,” Ronnie explains. “I like to consider us a boutique marketer. We focus on quality and branding ourselves, and the most important element is constantly communicating in as much real-time as possible, so all parties can benefit regardless of the market conditions.”

Continuously pivoting to meet Mother Nature’s demands and keeping open communication with its partners are only two of the pillars that support this grower’s expanding legacy—and I’m willing to bet there are quite a few more.

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