Volm Companies Partner Manter International BV Acquires Shares of Solidtec BV

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Tue. January 28th, 2020 - by Maggie Mead

ANTIGO, WI - Packaging and equipment solutions provider Volm Companies recently announced that its partner, Manter International B.V. of Emmen, Netherlands, has acquired shares of Solidtec BV. Dronten. Netherlands-based Solidtec is known for manufacturing gantry style palletizing systems for fresh produce and other markets. According to a news release, the merger will allow for a close collaboration between the companies, resulting in a more cohesive process for customers who are increasingly choosing a single source for both packaging and end-of-line solutions for their operations.

Matt Alexander, Vice President of Sales, Volm Companies“We’ve been able to do this with the help of suppliers in the past but feel this was a better business decision for both Volm and Manter moving forward, with all customers being able to benefit from the advantage of looking to one party for the manufacture, design, and integration of the systems they need,” said Matt Alexander, Vice President of Sales for Volm Companies.

Volm has been manufacturing custom robotic palletizing solutions since it opened its Ancaster, Ontario, facility in 2016. Since then, new palletizing and material handling solutions have been introduced for robotic palletizing. In 2018, the patent-pending bin filling solutions end-of-arm tool, capable of placing multiple bags into a bulk bin, was also introduced. In North America, Volm has seen an increasing demand for any type of palletizing solution, with both conventional style and robotic stacking solutions.

Volm Companies noted that the merger between it and its Netherlands partners will allow for close collaboration and a more cohesive process for consumers

In the European market, Manter has seen an influx in requests from its customers for help in integrating palletizing solutions into the packaging and weighing systems it installs.

Herman Wehkamp, Managing Director, Manter International B.V."The closer involvement and cooperation with the Solidtec team will enable us to be more efficient with the integrating of our weighing and packaging machines along with the palletizing solution the customer needs for their application," said Herman Wehkamp, Managing Director of Manter.

Edwin Moerdijk, Managing Director, SolidtecSolidtec’s Managing Director Edwin Moerdijk added, “In the next steps of our growing process, the cooperation with both Volm and Manter is a logical choice.”

All companies will continue to operate independently, and collaboration between all parties will be available via press releases and social posts. To see how the three continue to provide our industry with innovative solutions, follow along with us at AndNowUKnow.

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