West Pak's Doug Meyer Discusses the New Texas Facility

Fri. October 16th, 2015 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

DALLAS, TX - With growth in both the supply from Mexico and of West Pak Avocado itself, the company has decided to expand further with a new facility in Dallas, Texas.

Doug Meyer, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, West Pak Avocado“The facility is first and foremost a distribution center, which serves as really the hub of our operations for our Mexico sourcing program,” Doug Meyer, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for West Pak, tells me, explaining that some of the key features include ripening, bagging, and repacking.

Scheduled to open in November, the newest addition to West Pak will cover about 50,000 square feet. As for the benefits that this new resource will bring to consumers, Doug said that this location will place West Pak right into the Dallas/Fort Worth market.

“It gives us wonderful access to the Interstate Highway network, which can put us within a day in several major markets that we can now reach from the Dallas location,” he tells me.

West Pak still continues to focus on managed profitable growth for the company as a whole as one of its main goals, and Doug stated that this new facility not only aligns with that, but also to continue servicing its customers and expanding that customer base.

To hear everything Doug had to say on the new coming facility and how it will continue to further West Pak’s growth, listen to the full interview above.

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