Western Veg Pro Owner David Ollivier and Head of Melon Sales Dylan Lym Discuss the Upcoming Watermelon and Honeydew Season

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Tue. February 16th, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

BAKERSFIELD, CA - In the ever-dynamic produce industry, keeping an eye on the horizon is a must. Western Veg Pro’s President and Owner David Ollivier and Head of Melon Sales Dylan Lym took some time to discuss with me what sets the company’s melon program apart from the rest as we head towards the quickly-approaching season.

From left to right: Dylan Lym, Melon Sales; David Ollivier, Owner/President; Dennis Slater, Carrot Sales.

“We’re excited for the upcoming season because quality looks excellent,” David tells me. “The plants are very healthy and we expect normal to above normal volume.”

With an active eye on quality for its honeydews and watermelons coming out of Mexico, which are due to kick off in the first couple of weeks of April, Dylan adds that Western Veg and its growers have invested a great deal into making sure retailers know that they can depend on them for the best.

Western Veg Pro Cantaloupe

“I can’t emphasize enough the quality of our growers,” Dylan explains. “Last year’s rejection rate for our watermelons was less than 1%, and honeydews were extremely low as well. There’s a lot of time and money spent in Mexico to make sure the product is well taken care of.”

Not only does the company offer quality in its practices, but also with a modern twist to help take the guesswork out of the field, according to David.

Western Veg Pro Watermelons

“For our watermelons, we use a state-of-the-art automatic packing line – which not many do – that allows us to offer size, weight, and count precisely,” David says, adding that this also gives Western Veg the capability to meet versatile consumer demands for retailers.

With both bins and cartons available, Western Veg looks to be retailers’ one-stop-shop for those melon displays and beyond.

Western Veg Pro Fields

Keep an eye out for growth in the company’s Mexican grape program, including the addition of Perlettes and Flames for the 2017 season, and Summer Royal and Autumn King for 2018.

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