Windset Farms' Maki Mukai Discusses Symphony Lettuce Ensemble

Fri. August 5th, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura

DELTA, BC - This summer, Windset Farms is asking consumers and retailers the question: Why try one, when you can have four? With the growing trends in versatile lettuce varieties, Windset is building excitement around its Symphony Lettuce Ensemble.

Maki Mukai, Marketing Assistant, took the time to share with me the key attributes of this popular product, and how the ensemble can help differentiate the competitive category at retail.

Maki Mukai, Marketing Assistant, Windset Farms“Hydroponically-grown in British Columbia, the Symphony Lettuce Ensemble is complete with a mix of fresh butter lettuce, oak leaf, and frisee lettuces,” Maki tells me. “These varieties have great shelf-life and are appreciated by consumers as you can use the whole lettuce, compared to other varieties that tend to have more stems.”

Available year-round, this item is cultivated with care. Once the root is trimmed for packing, no washing is required, as it is grown cleanly and packed in recyclable clamshells.

When I ask Maki about the growing technique behind this item, she pulls back the curtain and shares that Windset uses a Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). 

“The computer-controlled system regulates a shallow stream of water containing dissolved nutrients past the bare roots of the growing plants at just the right flow rate and depth in a watertight channel,” she says. “The nutrient-rich film of water speeds plant growth while the thick root mat’s upper surface is exposed to oxygen. All the plant’s needs are uniquely balanced for optimal growth.”

To boost production, operators must choose the proper channel slope, flow rate, and channel length to suit their crop, which Maki shares, means that the practice is more energy efficient, sustainable, clean and optimal yield.

With the growing demand for a diverse range of lettuce offerings at retail, stay tuned to AndNowUKnow as we bring you more innovative offerings. 

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