Wonderful Brands United at PMA Fresh Summit

Fri. October 20th, 2017
- by Kayla Webb     

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Sometimes it’s good to put all your eggs in one basket – or in this case, snacks!  Touting snack leaders in multiple categories, The Wonderful Company features its top three brands side-by-side in its new company-wide ad campaign “We are Number Wonderful.” Uniting the popular brands Wonderful Halos, Wonderful Pistachios, and POM Wonderful the ad series will launch at PMA and is set to appear in trade publications soon.

Adam Cooper, Vice President, Wonderful Pistachios“As snacking reaches an all-time high, we’re excited to align all of our fresh, produce-driven brands under the easily recognizable Wonderful umbrella,” said Adam Cooper, Vice President of Marketing for The Wonderful Company, in a press release. “More than half of U.S. households already buy a Wonderful product each year, so helping consumers make the connection that Wonderful is a healthy snacking brand they can trust is a natural progression of our marketing strategy. The PMA Fresh Summit is the perfect venue for us to unveil our new We are Number Wonderful trade ad campaign.”

Wonderful Halos Tractor

“We are Number Wonderful” creates a powerful synergy amongst the Wonderful brands, helping to establish a strong connection to the Wonderful name.  This effort coincides with The Wonderful Company adding more dollars to produce than any other company and securing its place as one of the fastest growing at 15%.   

With 3.5 billion servings of Wonderful products enjoyed each year, more than $2 billion in annual branded retail sales, and a $115 million combined marketing budget, The Wonderful Company has accounted for 13% of all dollar growth in snacks and produce combined since November 2016, including: 

Wonderful Halos

Wonderful Halos

  • This season Halos is launching one of produce’s biggest-ever POS display programs, “Grove of Goodness,” capitalizing on the fact that Halos velocity doubles when showcased in a marquee display. The collection features a grove-to-store tractor, bringing to life the process of delivering fresh mandarins directly from farm-to-table.
  • Building on this idea, Halos will also have a mandarin grove tree display that offers a smaller footprint in secondary locations for retail grocers.
  • Rounding out the POS program, Halos will be introducing Holiday Spectacular bin wraps for special occasions including Christmas and Easter.

 Wonderful Pistachios

  • Wonderful Pistachios is now America’s fastest-growing snack brand and accounts for 11% of all dollar growth in snacks, while adding more dollars to snacking than any other single brand.
  • For the first time at PMA, Wonderful Pistachios will debut a new look in packaging, highlighting optimal shelf appeal by increasing Wonderful branding, differentiation between popular flavors with the use of vibrant colors and leveraging high quality photography to increase appetite appeal.
  • Wonderful Pistachios No Shells is getting a dramatic refresh with a new vivid green package, and the brand will also launch 16oz Natural Raw in Q1 2018.
  • Helping to fuel this meteoric rise is a robust $55 million marketing and advertising effort spearheaded by the brand’s biggest football campaign ever, “Put a Smile on Your Snackface.” The ads, starring Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, launched to critical acclaim last month.

POM Wonderful

  • Sales of POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice are up 25% compared to a year ago.
  • POM Wonderful will debut its largest digital campaign featuring the health benefits of POM 100% Pomegranate Juice.
  • Fresh pomegranate and POM POMs season is just getting started. Last year the arils category experienced a 28% increase in sales in-season, and POM POMS dominated sales with a record 79% dollar share.
  • POM Wonderful’s recent acquisition of Ruby Fresh, a leading processor and distributor of fresh pomegranates and arils, further enhances POM Wonderful’s position as North America’s leading pomegranate producer and distributor.

Wonderful Halo Tree

Those attending PMA Fresh Summit can visit The Wonderful Company at booth #2645 to experience the new Halos POS display program and learn more about the “We are Number Wonderful” trade ad campaign. 

For more produce industry news, AndNowUKnow will continue to report. 

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