Wonderful® Pistachios Takes Over Social Media

Fri. February 12th, 2021 - by Jenna Plasterer

LOS ANGELES, CA - I come from a family of absolute football fanatics, and I’ve come to learn over the years that, while the game is an art form that takes strategy and determination, so is smack talking. As one of the most essential parts of any football experience, Wonderful® Pistachios got in on the action, taking to Twitter to live tweet the Super Bowl and deliver some amazing one-liners that would make any football fan proud.

Wonderful’s Twitter campaign came in tandem with its release of delicious, touchdown-worthy recipes that aimed to please as fans watched the Super Bowl, and to continue its efforts to position Wonderful Pistachios as a football snack.

Adding some entertainment to the mix, Wonderful’s tweets covered everything from play-by-play commentary to historic milestones reached during this year’s game. All of which used its own packaging and logo to help convey the message.

Starting at the coin toss, Wonderful kept its eyes on every drive.

The snacking maven even went so far as to point out moments that made fans cringe as they felt the pain of players on the field, tweeting: Is it me or did #93 get hit in the you know what? #BagGameCommentator

Indeed, he did, Wonderful. Indeed, he did.

Wonderful also took a moment to call out the huge stride made for women as the first female ref was selected to call the Big Game.

And, leaving no bases uncovered, Wonderful even got in on the viral meme of The Weeknd’s show-stopping performance that had social media going crazy.

With so many snacks in my Super Bowl spread keeping me distracted, Wonderful’s tweets helped me stay on top of the game along with a good laugh in between. To check them out for yourself, click here.

How will Wonderful’s Twitter fingers continue to drive forward its mission to make its pistachio brand a recognized game day snack? I, for one, look forward to finding out.

Wonderful® Pistachios