2K Pounds of Cocaine Found in Banana Shipment

Fri. February 14th, 2020
- by Anne Allen     

ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - It seemed that the sanctity of produce had been upheld for quite some time now, but alas, produce abusers strike again, this time in The Netherlands.

Recently, the NL Times reported that one thousand kilograms (for us here in the States, about 2,204 pounds) of cocaine was found hidden in a container loaded with bananas. Last week, customs officers found the illegal substance during a check at the port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The cargo arrived on a ship from Costa Rica, but the bananas were loaded in Ecuador.

Over 2,000 pounds of cocaine was found smuggled inside of a container of bananas

The bananas were destined for a company in Portugal, but the Dutch authorities don’t believe the Portuguese company had anything to do with the drug trafficking. Needless to say, the drugs were confiscated and destroyed, and the HARC team, a collaboration of Customs, FIOD, Seaport Police, and the Public Prosecution Service in Rotterdam, is investigating.

I can speak for all banana lovers out there, when will our favorite fruit be safe?