7-Eleven Testing Fresh, Better for You Lineup in Select Stores

Fri. October 3rd, 2014 - by Kyle Braver

LOS ANGELES, CA - Fresh-first is the new state-of-mind for 7-Eleven. In honor of this emphasis on healthy fare, this company is launching a test program in 104 of its Los Angeles-based stores. According to USA Today, these locations will begin selling a “nutritionally balanced” lineup, including fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads, and even cold-pressed juices under a banner headed by fitness expert Tony Horton.

Tony Horton (Courtesy of USA Today)

"We can provide a convenient way for healthy and fitness-oriented consumers to fuel their daily lives," says Raja Doddala, Senior Director for Innovation at 7-Eleven.

There is already a foundation for this move in place. 7-Eleven sales of fresh products are up 30% compared to last year, explains Doddala. Not only that, but banana sales beat Snickers bar sales 7:1 in chains nationwide, prompting me to ask the question: could an expanded produce rollout follow on the heels of this trial, if it meets with success? CMI has already enjoyed impressive success with its Go-Go cherry pouches in convenience stores. I'd be interested in seeing just how far this market trend can continue.

7-Eleven does stress however that it is not doing away with its very popular lines of snack food, sodas, and other, so-called, “sin foods.” Consumers on the go and snack lovers, like yours truly, can still pick up a bag of Cheetos and a Coke to go with them. Instead, 7-Eleven is working to provide increasingly health-conscious customers with more options. As USA Today notes, the health and wellness industry is a $50 billion and growing category in the U.S. economy. 7-Eleven wants these customers to feel as comfortable shopping in its stores as a regular on a beer and cigarette run.

According to USA Today, the full new menu will include:

  • Two new sandwiches, including a Grilled Chicken with blueberry mustard sandwich on a whole-grain sub.
  • Two new salads, including a Spicy Quinoa Salad with Chimichurri dressing salad.
  • Two new wraps, including a Spicy Black Bean Hummus & Vegetables wrap.
  • Four new cold-pressed juices, including a juice featuring apple, celery, beet, ginger, parsley, spinach and lemon.

In terms of price, the sandwiches and wraps will run in between $4.75-$6.50, with the juices coming in a $4.99 each.

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