Ahold USA Brands Introduce New Digital Growth Strategies

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Thu. October 12th, 2017 - by Robert Schaulis

CARLISLE, PA – With more and more opportunity to be had in fresh-focused e-commerce, Ahold USA is rolling out a slew of digital shopping innovations aimed at personalizing the shopping experience, capitalizing on the growing channel, connecting with consumers, and driving customer loyalty through savings and personalization.

Matt Simon, Vice President, Loyalty and Digital Marketing, Ahold USA"Through the introduction of new technology, Ahold USA brands are able to offer more savings, faster shopping, and a more transparent connection with their customers," said Matt Simon, Vice President, Loyalty and Digital Marketing. "Since the implementation of their digital growth strategies, Ahold USA brands have seen record-setting engagement, activation, and redemption."

The company has introduced these new digital growth strategies across its array of local brands—including Stop & Shop, Giant Food, GIANT/MARTIN'S, and Peapod. According to a an Ahold USA press release, strategies include significant investments in a number of new digital tools including relevant digital coupons, new websites, mobile app improvements, and a new recipe center.

Giant Storefront

"Putting the customer first is our brands' top priority, and part of that means providing easy to use digital solutions to help her save time and money," Simon added.

Ahold USA has already achieved the following key milestones:

  • One million new digital users and counting over last year
  • New "Load to Card" Digital Coupon activations up 179% vs YAG
  • New, responsive brand websites, leading to 20% growth YTD web traffic over last year
  • 76% increase in monthly app users and tripling of mobile app downloads
  • Over 1 million social media followers across platforms

Wehuns Tan, CEO, Flipp Corporation"We have reached a tipping point where American shoppers are engaging in their pre-shop ritual digitally," said Wehuns Tan, CEO of Flipp Corporation, a company with which Ahold USA has paired to improved digital circular experience. "Ahold USA brands are leaders in showcasing their brand stories through compelling visual merchandising with a digital-first approach. We are excited to partner with Ahold USA to support its brands in driving innovation that gives shoppers the seamless, mobile experience they expect today."

Ahold USA has also made strides to help customers with easy meal planning. More than 3,700 recipes featured in Savory Magazine, the monthly magazine published exclusively for Ahold USA brands, are now available at the click of a button with the Savory Shopping Tool. And, the company noted, Savory recipes found online all include the option to transfer ingredients directly into customer's Peapod digital shopping carts, creating a seamless path for the customers to have food inspiration delivered directly to their door.

Carrie Bienkowski, CMO, Peapod"Today, the consumer does not just shop one way. She's finding meal inspiration online and either filling her grocery cart in the store or virtually," said Carrie Bienkowski, CMO of Peapod, an Ahold USA brand seeing year-over-year double-digit growth as demand for online grocery intensifies.

And Simon echoed the sentiment, noting that beleaguered or busy shoppers can quickly and easily move from online inspiration to home delivered goods.

"Our brands are able to meet her busy lifestyle and support any way she wants to shop by offering shoppers the option to shop in brick and mortar stores, select grocery pick up at more than 200 locations or opt for at-home delivery via Peapod," noted Simon.

Additionally, each of Ahold USA’s brands has expanded its online presence with new Instagram profiles.

Ahold USA brands can be found through Instagram at @stopandshop, @giantfood, @giantfoodstores, @martinsfoodmarkets, and @PeapodDelivers and online at: www.stopandshop.com, www.giantfoodstores.com, www.martinsfoods.com, www.giantfood.com, and www.peapod.com.

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