Alberta Sobeys and Safeway Push Affordable Produce

Mon. February 1st, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

CALGARY, AB – Canadian retail chain Sobeys Inc. has announced that it and its subsidiary company Safeway will be pushing produce at affordable prices for consumers throughout Alberta stores.

Dave Rodych, VP Operations, Safeway“We know produce pricing is top of mind for many Canadians and we want to help Western Canadians eat better and more affordably,” Dave Rodych, VP Operations for Safeway, said, according to a press release. “We hope the improved produce experience at our stores will not only help customers continue to enjoy their everyday staples like potatoes and lettuce, but to also discover fruits and vegetables they may not have tried before.”

To achieve this, the chains plan to do the following:

  • Offer lowered prices on many produce items compared to their regular in-store everyday prices, including many items Canadians buy every week.
  • Promote weekly “produce picks” selected for their optimum quality.
  • Provide a wide selection of quality organic produce.
  • Provide tips on preparation from global better-food advocate and chef Jamie Oliver.
  • Promise consumers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

According to the company, the initiative is part of the campaign launched in 2013 with Jamie Oliver promising to help Canadians eat healthier.

Jamie Oliver, Better-Food Advocate and Chef“I’m really passionate about making fresh food easier to get and cheaper for Canadians,” Jamie said on the move. “It’s so exciting to kick off the New Year with a brilliant price drop in fresh produce. This is so good.”

Watch Jamie's message in the short video below:

So as of Friday, Jan. 29, shoppers are sure to have started seeing changes in the produce departments of both Sobeys and Safeway stores throughout Alberta, Canada.

“We think customers are going to be really excited about what they see in stores,” Scott Chollak, VP Operations of Sobeys, commented. “Our customers have told us what matters most is better, fresh produce and that’s why we’re investing in improving assortment, enhancing quality and providing more expertise and food knowledge – all at affordable prices.”

This entire produce push will be supported by a marketing team up with Jamie, who will appear in advertising for both Safeway and Sobeys through several mediums, including television, radio, newspaper, and digital.

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