Andrea Smith Highlights Monterey Mushrooms® Sizzling Sautés™ Mushroom Kits

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Thu. September 7th, 2023 - by Lilian Diep

WATSONVILLE, CA - Convenience and value drive my purchasing decisions during a busy week, and I’m willing to bet the same for your shoppers too. That’s why Monterey Mushrooms® is putting these two needs front and center with its latest Sizzling Sautés™ Mushroom Kits. Andrea Smith, Western Region Sales Director, gives me the lowdown on the newest offering and how to bring more consumer interest to the category.

Andrea Smith, Director of Sales, Western Region, Monterey Mushrooms®“Life is busy, and consumers are looking for easy dinner and side dish solutions,” begins Andrea. “Our Sizzling Sautés Mushroom Kits offer a solution to busy families. The sliced mushrooms are packed with vitamin D and come with a sauce packet to make them a perfect solution for busy families in search of easy meatless—or meat and mushroom—recipes.”

According to IRI Freshlook Consumer Network, 75 percent of buyers say they incorporate mushrooms into their meals. And with today’s families busier than ever, convenience is key. Studies show that 38 percent of consumers prefer to buy pre-cut and packaged mushrooms to save time, while 36 percent of consumers are seeking new ways to incorporate alternatives to meat in their diets.Monterey Mushrooms® brings convenience and interest to the mushroom category with its Sizzling Sautés™ Mushroom Kits

“Sizzling Sautés offers a great way to bring easy meal solutions and innovation into the mushroom category. Our Fajita, Teriyaki, and Thai varieties bring global flavors to kitchens in one easy package,” continues Andrea. “Despite the increasing popularity of mushrooms and The New York Times naming mushrooms ‘the ingredient of the year,’ retailers are looking to find a way to bring new consumers and lost consumers in or back into the mushroom category. We have the products and the marketing capabilities to keep consumers engaged.”

Inflation and inflationary-driven spending have resulted in the loss of some households in the mushroom category, and it is the job of Monterey Mushrooms and other mushroom companies to help retailers reignite excitement in this category, Andrea notes. With a plethora of recipes and ideas on Monterey Mushrooms’ website, shoppers will always be tapped into inspirational content thanks to the company’s dedication to driving category growth.

Fajita, Teriyaki, and Thai varieties reignite excitement by bringing global flavors into one easy package

With the newer generation of shoppers and long-time fans exploring the mushroom space, be sure to keep a tab open for more insights from AndNowUKnow.

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