Ark Foods to Showcase Veggie Magic at Southern Innovations; Noah Robbins Shares

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Thu. August 31st, 2023 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

IMMOKALEE, FL - If you’re among the lucky industry members gearing up to hit Southeast Produce Council’s upcoming Southern Innovations, I advise you to add booth #722 to your itinerary. Modern-day farming company Ark Foods is taking to the show, celebrating its 10th anniversary in business by spotlighting two creative launches and a decade of vegetable creativity.

Noah Robbins, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ark Foods“We set out to change how people think about fresh food,” shared Noah Robbins, Chief Executive Officer, and the visionary behind Ark Foods. “We started this company with a single vegetable—the Shishito Pepper—and the mission to make fresh food accessible to all. Through the years, we’ve built something bigger than we ever could have imagined, and this work brings us joy each and every day.”

Demonstrating its impressive evolution from growing a handful of specialty crops to now mastering national distribution of multi-ingredient salad and stir-fry kits, Ark Foods will showcase products developed over a decade during SEPC’s Southern Innovations show.

One key item that will be on display is the supplier’s Korean BBQ Stir Fry Kit. According to a press release, the first-of-its-kind Stir Fry Kit delivers convenience with one of today’s hottest flavor trends, resulting from a year-long research and development process.

Ark Foods is celebrating its 10th anniversary in business by spotlighting two creative launches and a decade of vegetable creativity at Southeast Produce Council’s upcoming Southern Innovations

Another new addition to the supplier’s portfolio will be taking the spotlight, as the brand recently expanded its Clean Label Eats line with the introduction of new Chopped Salad Kits in four varieties: Caesar-ish Kale, Crunchy Sesame Ramen, Southern BBQ Ranch, and Sweet Kale Lemon Poppyseed.

“Whether you’re a passionate veggie enthusiast, a grocery retailer seeking fresh innovations to delight your shoppers, or a wholesaler looking to elevate your fall or winter promotions, we invite you to explore our full product line,” added Robbins.

For more information on the brand’s evolution and upcoming showcase, click here.

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