Bee Sweet Citrus Launches Heirloom Navel Campaign

Mon. January 6th, 2020 - by Anne Allen

FOWLER, CA - Heirloom Navels are hot, hot, hot this January, and to crank up the citrus heat, Bee Sweet Citrus is launching a digital campaign. Throughout the campaign, the citrus provider will pay tribute to Calilfornia’s rich farming history through its various social media platforms by implementing recipes, facts, and more.

Monique Bienvenue, Director of Communications, Bee Sweet Citrus“Heirloom Navels are special because they really represent what California's citrus industry is all about," stated Monique Bienvenue, Director of Communications. "For decades, citrus growers have worked with the consumer in mind, and Heirloom Navels never fail to deliver in quality or flavor. The goal of this campaign is to celebrate the variety that jump-started California's involvement in citrus and to recognize all of the family farmers who have helped our industry grow along the way. Heirloom Navels have a history that's just as rich as their flavor, and our team is excited to share that story with our customers."

According to California Citrus Mutual, there are over 3,000 growers farming over 300,000 acres of citrus in California. In a press release, Bee Sweet noted that it is proud to call itself a family-owned and operated company that provides premium citrus to consumers year-round.

"Working for a family-owned and operated company is really special because you're engulfed in every aspect of production and are aware of everything it takes to get high-quality citrus to consumers," stated Industrial Technology Manager Thomas Marderosian. "When it comes to citrus, customers can rely on Heirloom Navels for exceptional flavor, and this campaign celebrates all of the family farmers who help to make that possible."

Heirloom Navels are a selection of a parent Washington Navel, which is the official predecessor of all navel varieties in California. They're grown on blocks of trees that average between 40 and 60 years of age and are never compromised by acidity, the company explained. Heirloom Navels are available now until May and can be purchased in bulk and in 4-lb bags.

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