Bee Sweet Citrus Touts Strong Start to Import Citrus Season

Fri. July 7th, 2017 - by Jordan Okumura

FOWLER, CA - With one month in the books for Bee Sweet’s import program, the citrus provider said it is seeing a strong kick off to Summer, 2017.

Joe Berberian, Sales Manager, Bee Sweet Citrus“This season is off to a great start. We were able to start earlier than last year, which has allowed for a smooth transition of product,” said Sales Manager Joe Berberian.

When it comes to retail programs, he continued, “July and August should be great promotional months for clementines and oranges.”

One of the largest importers of Chilean citrus on the West Coast, Bee Sweet said in a press release that there was a surplus of California product to handle when last year’s season ended in July. This caused a large fluctuation of price during the transition of the two seasons that we will likely not see this year, thanks to the industry’s domestic Navel orange and mandarin crop having ended early.

Bee Sweet Citrus Orange

“The eating quality of our imports is great, and we’re thankful for our Chilean partners for helping us to kick off a strong, successful season,” Berberian added.

With imports seeing such a strong start, keep checking in with AndNowUKnow for all the latest updates and fluctuations in this and other produce markets.

Bee Sweet Citrus