Braga Fresh Family Farms Details Spring Transition; Casey Mills Shares

Fri. March 18th, 2022 - by Chandler James

SALINAS, CA - Spring has nearly sprung! As the weather begins to transition to warmer temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere, fresh produce growers on the central coast of California are following suit. For Braga Fresh Family Farms, the spring transition for its entire Josie’s Organics line of products has begun.

Casey Mills, Director of Sales, Braga Fresh Family Farms“Organic cauliflower and organic broccoli are already being harvested in California’s Salinas Valley, and we anticipate organic Romaine, organic leaf lettuce, organic cilantro, and organic Iceberg lettuce to all be ready to go in the next two to three weeks,” said Casey Mills, Director of Sales. “Over the next few weeks, we will see a majority of items continue to transition from the desert growing regions back North to the Salinas Valley.

By early April, the majority of the supplier’s full line of organic commodities will be ready to harvest in the Salinas Valley for the season. Casey stated that overall, the dry winter in Salinas has allowed Braga Fresh’s growers to get most everything planted on time, resulting in no major gaps in supply.

Braga Fresh Family Farms' new organic baby Iceberg pack is available in both 6x2 ct and 12x2 ct packs

“Temperatures recently in the southern Salinas valley where we grow a majority of our product has, however, been a bit cool as we get going, resulting in some product being about a week behind scheduled harvest,” Casey relayed. “That said, supplies on a number of items look to remain tight for the next few weeks, including organic Romaine, organic red/green leaf, and organic Iceberg lettuce, so we do anticipate those markets to remain ‘demand exceeds supply’ in the short term as desert production slows down and volume in Salinas slowly builds.”

As retailers look to meet a diverse range of demands in the lettuce category, Braga Fresh has a newly released product that is prepared to make waves.

“One item we would like to highlight is our new organic baby Iceberg pack, available in both 6x2 ct and 12x2 ct packs,” Casey told me. “We are very excited about this new pack, and our retail partners have seen robust consumer interest and growth as we have introduced it to the marketplace.”

As markets shift and new products hit the shelf, be sure to follow along with us here at ANUK.

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