Castellini Group of Companies Enters Final Phase Of Growth Strategy

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Fri. March 19th, 2021 - by Anne Allen

CINCINNATI, OH - Growth often happens in steady increments, as strategic building blocks create a solid foundation for success. Solidifying its last block, the Castellini Group of Companies is entering the final phase of an ambitious growth plan with the launch of a new technology platform.

Brian Kocher, Chief Executive Officer and President, Castellini Group of Companies“Our capabilities, as expanded by our new technology platform, will specifically benefit those in the industry whose regional or national demands can take advantage of our comprehensive supply chain capabilities, from services such as packing, ripening, or sorting to managing complete warehouse and delivery programs or a customer’s entire inventory,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Brian Kocher. “In step with our technology launch, we are also refocusing and investing our internal resources and customer capabilities to address the fastest growing area of the industry—supply chain services.”

Setting its focus on distributing a full line of produce solutions across the industry’s fastest-growing segments, the new platform leverages Castellini’s capabilities to create an efficient solution to partner with growers and shippers across the temperature-controlled supply chain, according to a press release.

As part of the final phase of its ambitious growth strategy, the Castellini Group of Companies has launched a state-of-the-art technology platform

This is only the most recent step in the company’s well-developed plan to build its presence in the sector, as the company has enacted several other crucial strategies over the past 18 months to reposition itself for the next two decades of growth. As part of this strategic plan, Castellini has introduced a new identity to the industry, bolstered its offerings to feature complex supply chain services, and expanded its physical distribution assets and transportation fleet.

“While we may look a little different today than we have throughout our 125-year history, new business in this category is growing at a rate of over 300 percent annually for Castellini and will fuel our success for decades to come,” Kocher added. “In short, if you have supply chain challenges, we will have a range of solutions where our expertise, assets, technology, and resources best match the needs of the industry.”

As the company continues to push for growth and expansion across the supply chain, what exciting new innovation will emerge next? Keep reading AndNowUKnow to find out.

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