Catania Worldwide's Priscilla Diaz Talks Company Strategy Ahead of SEPC's Southern Exposure

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Thu. February 15th, 2024 - by Anne Allen

MCALLEN, TX - If you’re looking for a company with supply chain expertise, look no further than Catania Worldwide. With strategic hubs around the globe, the provider has long had the logistics know-how to get its premium products straight to its partners. As we head into Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure, I took a beat to catch up with the team and see how this tactic plays into its show approach.

Priscilla Diaz, Sales Manager, Catania South
Priscilla Diaz, Sales Manager, Catania South

“We work hard to ensure our fruit is harvested, transported, and delivered efficiently while maintaining great quality,” Priscilla Diaz, Sales Manager of Catania South, explained to me. “Our number-one priority is to build a great relationship with our customers that will leave a lasting good impression.”

Catania’s product line is expansive, ranging from limes, kiwifruit, and figs, to newer items such as carrots and avocados.

Catania will be showing off a variety of offerings at booth #645 at Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure event

“Fresh produce is a very important element of our everyday lives. Experience the vibrant flavors, commodities, and different pack styles Catania Worldwide has to offer. Also, learn about freshness, health benefits, and seasonalities,” Priscilla said of what to expect from Catania’s booth.

To connect further to its supply chain abilities, Catania currently has distribution centers in three locations.

“In October, we expanded our warehouse in McAllen, Texas. The plan is to focus on product diversification to expand our services and better serve our consumers,” she added.

There’s a lot this company has to offer, so be sure to stop by booth #645.