David Lake and Dave Hewitt Reflect on Strategy for Best Email Ad Campaign

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Wed. September 20th, 2023 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SACRAMENTO, CA - Advertising is an educated guessing game. Already one with moving targets, the constant change of fresh produce demands makes marketing even more of a challenge. Recently, 4Earth Farms confirmed a bullseye, winning not just a nomination for the 2023 Besties for Best Email Ad Campaign, but securing a win from our panel, many of whom are a part of the audience such strategies hope to engage.

David Lake, President, 4Earth Farms™“The 4Earth Farms team does a town hall meeting every Wednesday to talk about what is happening at the company, and the Wednesday following Organic Produce Summit was a great one because I had the opportunity to let everyone know we won a Besties Award this year,” David Lake, President, shared with me.

The collaborative thread of this reflection ties beautifully into how he and the team approach the ads and ideas that gained them the title for our second annual Besties Award.

“Our email ad, which won the votes, was, in part, driven by some of the things AndNowUKnow was trying and experimenting with to get the message out there to our target audience, making the decision easier. We were collaborating on methods of communication. The team came with a compelling idea on how to get our message out, what we do, and how we do it,” David recalled for me.

As we discussed both the strength in creative collaboration and the importance of clear messaging, I asked Dave Hewitt, Vice President of Sales, about what was at the core of this now award-winning ad.

Dave Hewitt, Vice President of Sales, 4Earth Farms™“It’s about being a consistent solution for organic vegetables—having answers on our organic and value-added lines, which are year-round nationwide. Reminding our audience we have a significant holding in the market and that we do vegetables very well. We are always trying to diversify where we grow, the growers we partner with, the ability to grow from the East and West Coast to Mexico, and what we offer. It’s not about reinventing something, but how to be better in a commodity others may not be targeting or trying to change,” Dave reflected.

It is a message that clearly connected not just with our team at AndNowUKnow, but with our audience and, finally, our panel. Congratulations to the 4Earth Farms team!

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