DelFrescoPure® Announces 25-Acre Expansion of Locally Grown Produce for Winter Production

Fri. March 12th, 2021 - by Jenna Plasterer

KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA - Taking the fresh produce industry by storm, greenhouse-grown products are continuing to make a splash in the retail sector. Staying on top of the growing demand from consumers, DelFrescoPure® has revealed Phase One of its greenhouse production expansion to 25 acres. In full production by September 2021, the project will increase supplies of high-quality Ontario greenhouse-grown tomatoes and strawberries for winter 2021–2022.

Carl Mastronardi, President, DelFrescoPure®“With the demand for locally grown Ontario greenhouse tomatoes, DelFrescoPure® decided to leverage the demand with expansion plans. We’re planning three phases to keep up with consumer demand for tomatoes and strawberries,” said Carl Mastronardi, President.

As consumption of locally grown tomatoes increases, DelFrescoPure’s latest expansion will offer buyers the produce experience that consumers are searching for with reduced food miles, according to a press release. The expanded acreage will also create more product to serve both the Canandian and U.S. markets.

Ray Mastronardi, Vice President of Sales, DelFrescoPure®“We are proud to offer our retail partners and consumers high quality locally grown greenhouse tomatoes from September 2021 winter production season,” commented Ray Mastronardi, Vice President of Sales. “The decision to expand the winter tomato program was made clear from our retail partners asking for more acreage to meet the demand of the consumers."

The expansion will feature innovative technology for all-season growing. By installing energy curtains and grow lights, the grower will be able to provide over three quarters of a half million square-foot controlled micro-climate environment for growing tomatoes.

DelFrescoPure has revealed Phase One of its greenhouse production expansion to 25 acres, which will be in full production by September 2021

DelFrescoPure® brands greenhouse tomatoes under Delights Blushing with Flavor®, Mini Mixers®, Ombra®, G.R.Eat!®, Heirloom®. Additionally, the greenhouse maven offers beefsteak and tomatoes on the vine with local and national retail partners.

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