Fox Packaging's Tom Summers Discusses Flexible Pack Solutions for Citrus and More

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Fri. June 10th, 2022 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

GRAPEVINE, TX - There is a reason added value has skyrocketed as a category, and the term can be applied to the packaging process as well as the produce prep. Having evolved with industry demand for the past five decades, Fox Packaging continues to anticipate how to add value to suppliers’ processes and products alike.

Tom Summers, Sales, Pacific Northwest, Fox Packaging“Fox Packaging has been manufacturing packaging solutions for citrus since the beginning. Our portfolio has evolved from offering hand-packed, semi-automatic, and fully automatic applications like the Fox Fresh Mesh bag, the Fox Fresh Mesh Combo bag, and the Fox Stand Up Combo bag,” shares Tom Summers, Sales, Pacific Northwest. “Understanding equipment options, the benefits, and the overall contribution of your product goals will help you assess how flexible automation systems can expedite your end-of-line processes; our Fox Solutions team is more than glad to share their expertise with you, specific to your needs.”

Packaging manufactured by the Fox brand has served the citrus industry by supporting shelf-life extension and by offering consumer convenience in the overall design, to be sure. Beyond this, however, it is now offering assistance amid the cost and workforce challenges producers are currently facing.

“Opting to invest in automation is equally an investment in your workforce; this permits your operators to learn new skills or to be reallocated amongst your operations for continued growth. And, while pricing and costs are at the top of the list of considerations made by buyers, there are a number of opportunities offered through automation that can influence your buying decision,” Tom explains. “Labor shortages and resulting impacts from COVID are having packers and shippers looking to automate their processes at accelerated timelines. We encourage customers to outline their operational goals so that we may better recommend equipment pairings that process the required volumes at the necessary run rates.”

When it comes to range, Tom breaks it down for me to give an adequate picture of the coverage Fox is capable of providing.

Fox Packaging continues to anticipate how to add value to suppliers’ processes and products alike

Fox Packaging’s FSWB3 Wicketed Bagger can serve different commodities at different pack sizes, allowing simple changeovers on the line, while anyone investing in Newtec’s weighing machinery will benefit from the machines’ high accuracy levels. This precision keeps product giveaway at an absolute minimum, boosting profits.

Newtec’s Multihead Weighers give away less than 0.2 percent of the product, guaranteeing high output for busy packhouses looking to get fresh products weighed, packaged, and out of the door quickly.

Finally, the FSPB2 is a tremendously versatile machine that does not require proprietary packaging and applies to a range of produce, from sensitive products like apples, avocados, and cucumbers to more hardy commodities like citrus, potatoes, and onions.

“Coupled with high-performance Newtec weighers, our pouch delivers a solution to citrus and nearly any commodity type,” Tom concludes.

So, the question is not whether packaging and packing equipment can integrate into your operations, but how.

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