Foxy Organic Vegetables Kick Off Production in Yerington, Nevada; Mark Crossgrove Comments

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Tue. June 15th, 2021 - by Chandler James

YERINGTON, NV - As we in the fresh produce industry know, making transitions is a key facet of success. Making its annual move, Foxy Organic Vegetables is beginning its production of organic produce in Yerington, Nevada. The Yerington season will takes place from May to mid-October and is expected to lead to a plethora of high-quality offerings.

Mark Crossgrove, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, The Nunes Company (Photo credit: Organic Produce Network)“This will be our 13th season in Yerington, and the demand for our product continues to grow,” said Foxy Organic Vegetables’ Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mark Crossgrove.

The Yerington region is home to high elevation, mild climate, fertile soil, and an abundance of quality water that makes for great growing conditions. According to a press release, Foxy grows and ships over 25 varieties of organic vegetables out of its Walker River Cooling Facility in the area.

With such high-quality produce, Foxy continues to stand out across Nevada grocery stores, and the location of its facility cuts transportation by a day and half by not having to come into California. This provides the grower’s customers with fresher product and less shrink, creating a win-win situation for both buyers and consumers.

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