FreshSource's Natalie J. Machado Takes Home 2023 Besties Award for Best Marketer to Work With

Wed. November 22nd, 2023 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

SANTA ANA, CA - We are an industry full of close-knit relationships, of hugs and handshakes over phone calls (when possible), and collaboration for the betterment of all. Few know this better than Natalie J. Machado, National Director of Marketing, FreshSource. Her ability to connect, create, and galvanize others and her company are just a handful of the reasons why we love to work with her and why the industry can’t get enough of this inspiring individual.

“A rising tide that lifts all boats” was an aphorism written about people like Natalie, so we knew without a doubt that awarding her with the 2023 Besties Award for Best Marketer to Work With was as natural as the fresh produce we grow.

Natalie J. Machado, National Director of Marketing, FreshSource“I am beyond grateful and blessed to be considered for this incredible honor and to be recognized as the 2023 Besties recipient for the Best Marketer to Work With," Natalie shares. "Working with AndNowUKnow has always been wonderful throughout the years. The team’s professionalism, ideas, ingenuity, and attitude have always been things I admired and find contagious. They have such warmth and a positive outlook which always makes the work fun and a pleasure. Keep up the great work! It truly shows in everything the AndNowUKnow and The Snack team puts together!”

When I ask Natalie what inspires her incredible ability to nurture relationships, build value for companies, and raise the bar on the way that products are brought to market, she shares her practice in the art of connection.

Natalie J. Machado and Robert Thompson of FreshSource just after Natalie won AndNowUKnow's Besties Award for Best Marketer to Work With

“While this industry can feel vast, it truly is a small intimate network of working professionals who all strive for one common goal: to provide the most fresh, delicious, and innovative products to our customers and consumers alike!” Natalie tells me. “In addition to this very important task, we, as an organization, have the exceptional opportunity to work together outside of our companies and volunteer our time on boards and committees for things we are passionate about supporting. While we may be ‘competitors,’ we are able to put aside our competitive nature and work together for important causes that are near and dear to our hearts!"

For Natalie, these more essential goals include efforts such as philanthropical foundations like the City of Hope—a top cancer and research center that helps to save lives, accelerate cures, and transform the future of health care where she has been a committee member of the Southern California Food Industries Circle (SCFIC) since 2014.

For her ability to connect and her passion for fresh marketing, FreshSource's Natalie J. Machado continues to drive the industry forward

“You never know where the next opportunity may lie and who you might have the opportunity of working on a committee with, so you always put your best foot forward and stay humble and hungry for every opportunity that comes your way!” Natalie says, leaving me with my cup very full.

Thank you, Natalie, for the amazing relationships you continue to develop for the good of all, and for your continued excellence across industry platforms, causes, and initiatives.