Frieda's Branded Produce Announces Angelcot® Season; Alex Jackson Shares

Mon. June 27th, 2022 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

LOS ALAMITOS, CA - Sweet and delicate, consumers can’t get enough of Angelcots®. The season for the highly coveted variety has kicked off, and Frieda’s Branded Produce is anticipating the rosy-colored stonefruit offering to fly off of store shelves.

Alex Jackson, Director of Sales, Frieda's Branded Produce“There are many reasons consumers love the Angelcot®,” shared Alex Jackson, Director of Sales. “From the delicate blush color this fruit adds to any Instagram feed, to its sweet taste, the Angelcot® is at the top of consumer’s stonefruit must-eat list this summer.”

Grown in Brentwood, California, Angelcots are white-fleshed apricots that have a delicate skin and sweet flesh, a release explained. Featuring the juiciness of a ripe nectarine, the texture and aroma of an apricot, and the perfect balance of acid and sugar with a perfume-like sweetness, Angelcots are a shopper favorite. And with their blushing, rosy exterior, they are easy to spot in the produce aisle.

To grow this variety, unique tarping and reflection of the sun is used, creating the angelic blushing it’s known for. Angelcots have been exclusively grown for Frieda’s by a family-owned, third-generation business.

Frieda’s Branded Produce is kicking off the season for its highly coveted Angelcots® variety

With its sweet flavor profile, Angelcots are delicious chilled, grilled, or eaten as is. And due to their bite-sized nature, they are great to introduce to younger consumers.

The crop is limited and mostly pre-booked, so reach out to a Frieda’s account manager to get your hands on samples.

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