The GIANT Company to Open Two-Level Urban Flagship Store in Philadelphia

Mon. February 22nd, 2021
- by Peggy Packer     

CARLISLE, PA - A huge—or should I say giant—announcement has made its way into the newswires this week, as The GIANT Company recently announced its plans to open a new urban flagship store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, next month.

Nicholas Bertram, President, The GIANT Companies“Philadelphia’s grocery scene is experiencing a major renaissance, and The GIANT Company has been at the forefront, introducing new formats, opening new stores, and expanding grocery delivery services,” said President Nicholas Bertram. “Our Riverwalk store celebrates this transformation, offering an elevated omnichannel grocery experience, unlike anything Philadelphia has ever seen. Expertly designed to meet the needs of urban dwellers, [the] store is the perfect blend of modern sophistication and surprise, and of course, pays homage to the city’s fantastic food scene. We can’t wait for opening day and to finally let the community discover what we’ve created for them—a one-stop destination for all things food.”

The new 65,000-square-foot store occupies two stories of a 25-floor residential tower, according to a company release. Residents living above the new store have access to a private elevator which brings them directly from their apartment to the second level sales floor, allowing some shoppers to never even have to leave the building.

The GIANT Company recently announced its plans to open a new urban flagship store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in March

The new urban flagship store features a unique produce department designed specifically to inspire shoppers to experiment with new ingredients as they craft delicious, healthy meals from home. The new department offers 600 varieties of fresh produce, many of which are provided by local farmers.

The new location also includes a GIANT Direct pickup station for orders placed online, offering an added convenience for the many shoppers who are looking to spend less time inside the store.

The GIANT Company will host a grand opening on Friday, March 19, where it will also announce a round of donations to nonprofits within the community. This is the fifth of the company's locations to open in Philadelphia, bringing its total investment in the city to over $106 million.

Stay tuned as we at ANUK continue to report on the retailers who are making strides in expansion.

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