Giumarra Companies' Gary Caloroso Discusses California Avocado Season

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Fri. May 3rd, 2024 - by Jenna Plasterer

LOS ANGELES, CA - It’s that time of year shoppers look forward to: California avocado season! As the Golden State begins harvesting and packing the in-demand fruit, Giumarra Companies anticipates excellent quality despite lower volumes throughout the season.

Gary Caloroso, Regional Business Development Director, Giumarra Companies
Gary Caloroso, Regional Business Development Director, Giumarra Companies

“We provide a reliable supply of premium California avocados from now through the summer, tailored to the specific needs of our retail and foodservice customers,” explains Gary Caloroso, Regional Business Development Director. “Our customized service ensures consistent product satisfaction, and we are ready to support our customers with marketing and promotion.

Giumarra sources its California avocados from growers throughout the Golden State. The avocados are then harvested and packed in one of its two facilities: Escondido, which serves growers in the southern region of the state, or Ventura, which serves growers in the northern region.

Giumarra Companies offers customized marketing support to its retail and foodservice customers to help them increase avocado sales
Giumarra Companies is able to provide a custom-tailored avocado program to its retail partners

So far, the supplier is seeing excellent quality. However, Giumarra’s projections indicate that its volume of California avocados is expected to be lower than last year.

With the season underway, Giumarra recommends that its retail and foodservice partners promote California avocados throughout the spring and summer, highlighting their desirability due to their limited availability and high quality. The company provides support in the produce department to help.

Ahead of the Big Game and other sales-driving occasions, Giumarra Companies is arming its partners with strong volume to back upcoming avocado promotions
One way to ramp up consumer interest in California avocados is to play up the limited window of availability

“As one of the largest avocado suppliers in the United States—offering both conventional and organic products—our Giumarra team provides tailored marketing support to our retailers and foodservice partners,” adds Gary. “In response to the increasing consumer demand for bagged avocados, we have developed a range of new bags that showcase the appeal of avocados, available on request for our retail customers. We invite our customers to contact our avocado team for further information.”

Now is the prime time to start merchandising green gold from the Golden State in your produce aisles. Get in touch with Giumarra Companies for supplies and support.