Grimmway Farms' Bob Borda Details Strong Opportunities for Spring Promotions

Fri. April 2nd, 2021 - by Jenna Plasterer

BAKERSFIELD, CA - For as long as I can remember, spring has stood out for its bright, festive colors and as the gateway to warmer days ahead. It’s for these reasons that consumers are inspired to go in search of fresh produce once the season begins. And, with organics continuing to turn shoppers’ heads, what more could consumers ask for this spring than Cal-Organic Farms’ colorful array of fresh veggies? Bob Borda, Vice President of Organic Sales, takes a beat to showcase key springtime merchandising opportunities for buyers.

Bob Borda, Vice President of Organic Sales, Grimmway Farms“We’ve seen our retail partners take advantage of a variety of seasonal promotions that provide shoppers with fresh recipe ideas and great deals,” Bob starts. “Colorful, themed displays and creative cross-merchandising always perform well throughout spring, and our vibrant Cal-Organic vegetables couldn’t be a better fit.”

As the weather keeps warming up in the California Central Valley—where Cal-Organic is actively harvesting its seasonal and year-round varieties—Bob tells me that the company is anticipating a solid supply and quality going into the spring season. That means there will be ample produce for retailers to put on display. With supplies looking steady, the company is also not anticipating any major pricing swings in the marketplace.

Cal-Organic Farms is prepared for springtime demands as it showcases bright, festive organics

“The latest IRI retail data shows that fresh organic vegetable sales growth continues to outpace total produce and conventionally grown vegetables during the last year and current quarter compared to the year prior,” explains Bob. “We look forward to this trend continuing as families become more active outside of their homes and engage in small gatherings and outdoor get-togethers.”

While consumers continue to shift their focus toward organic produce, now is a great time for buyers to load up their shelves to meet this skyrocketing demand. And Cal-Organic has just the products to meet the challenge, especially as the sunshine of spring is inspiring more shoppers to change up their eating habits.

Cal-Organic Farms is anticipating a solid supply and quality going into the spring season with strong demand across the lettuce, green onion, red radish, bunch carrot, and parsley categories

“With spring in full swing, we anticipate strong demand across the lettuce, green onion, red radish, bunch carrot, and parsley categories,” Bob says. “Longer days prompt more time outside, and the changing season often inspires consumers to focus on healthy eating habits, opting for lighter, raw vegetables rather than cooking ingredients.”

From Bob’s mouth to our ears, take advantage of this prime promotional opportunity and make sure you feature plenty of organic offerings this spring to not only draw in new shoppers, but drive produce aisle dollars as well.

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