Grimmway Farms' Bob Borda Discusses Lettuce Market and Keeping Lettuce Sales Strong

Mon. June 15th, 2020 - by Anne Allen

BAKERSFIELD, CA - What would summer sales look like without lettuce? Burgers without crisp leaves atop them? Lettuce-less salads? It would be chaos! Luckily, Grimmway Farms and its Cal-Organic arm have just the tools to ensure that lettuce sales remain strong at retail.

Bob Borda, Vice President of Sales, Grimmway Farms“We’ve transitioned our organic lettuce harvest to the Cummings Valley region and our operations are running on schedule,” Bob Borda, Vice President of Sales, explained to me. “Overall, we’re seeing very nice quality among our lettuce crops and we expect supply to increase over the next few weeks. We anticipate the quality of our lettuces and leafy greens will continue to look good and volumes will improve as the season progresses.”

With a wide range of quality in the Western lettuce market, Bob noted that the industry has been influenced by fluctuating prices. However, Cal-Organic’s lettuce and leafy green supply is harvesting on schedule and volumes are set to meet the needs of retail and wholesale partners.

Grimmway Farms and its Cal-Organic Farms arm has transitioned its organic lettuce harvest to the Cummings Valley region, with operations running on schedule, quality looking nice, and supply expected to increase

“Grimmway and Cal-Organic Farms continue to grow 100 percent of our fresh produce on our family-owned farmland to make sure we can supply premium quality every day of the year,” Bob remarked. “This allows us to control production of our vegetables from seed to retail-ready product which gives our customers visibility into the process from beginning to end. This practice and our commitment to sustainable farming and land stewardship have resulted in long-term partnerships, which have supported consistent growth of our programs.”

And with United Fresh LIVE! finally here, be sure to check in with Grimmway regarding all things lettuce, potato, and carrots.

I sense a strong lettuce program in your future, retailers! Keep reading AndNowUKnow as we dial in with our nation’s great suppliers.

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