GrubMarket Acquires Organic Harvest Network

Wed. February 5th, 2020 - by Chandler James

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - GrubMarket is on a verifiable acquisition streak, scooping up the Northern California-based companies EJ Food Distributor and Eating with the Seasons just last month. The company recently announced yet another acquisition, this time nabbing Organic Harvest Network (OHN), a leading and highly reputable provider of organic produce. OHN’s proprietary internet software platform is specifically designed to assist growers with crop planning, accounting, pricing, and supply chain. These types of sales planning and technological forecasting capabilities have made OHN an incredibly valuable partner for multiple California organic growers.

Mike Xu, CEO, GrubMarket“Organic Harvest Network is a symbolic brand in the organic produce world. We have always been impressed with its deep connections to some of the finest organic farms in the country, along with its corporate integrity and sales transparency,” said Mike Xu, CEO of GrubMarket. “It is an incredibly valued partner to farmers, and it sells some of the most exceptional, organic produce directly from farms to many of the largest national grocery chains. We love what it is doing, and we look forward to propelling its growth through additional farm partnerships and even more sales channels.”

As a result of this acquisition, GrubMarket will provide OHN with additional technological expertise and a vast existing customer base across the West Coast, according to a press release. The headquarters for OHN will remain in Northern California, and the company will continue to be led by founder Giuseppe Salvato and business partner Peter Oszaczky.

GrubMarket recently acquired the organic produce provider Organic Harvest Network

"GrubMarket recognizes the corporate values and history of Organic Harvest Network, and it respects our focus on maintaining the exceptional quality and integrity of all of the organic farms we work with, which are among the first organically certified farms dating back to the 1980s,” said Salvato. “We sincerely look forward to working with the GrubMarket Team to provide even more sales opportunities and technological capabilities for our farms."

GrubMarket will leverage OHN's portfolio of farm partners, to further bolster and grow its existing produce offerings. Who will be next on GrubMarket’s auction block? Follow along with us at ANUK to find out.