Ingles Markets Appoints Jim Lanning as its New CEO; Announces Executive Changes

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Mon. March 28th, 2016
- by Jessica Donnel     

ASHEVILLE, NC - Ingles Markets has announced that as of late last week, the company has added the role of CEO to the resume of long-time President, Jim Lanning. Having already served as President of the company for the past 13 years, the new title is in recognition of his value to the company, Ingles says. 

Jim Lanning, President and CEO, Ingles MarketsJim Lanning began his career with Ingles at the age of 16 as a service clerk in 1975, continuing his employment by quickly being promoted to stock clerk, Grocery Manager, and then Assistant Manager. Later returning back to school to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Western Carolina University, Lanning continued to take on the challenge of managing larger stores and show results. In 1995, Lanning was promoted to District Manager, where he was responsible for the Northeast Georgia region, and, according to the Ingles website, proved successful in this role. In 2003, Robert Ingle selected Jim Lanning to serve as President of Ingles Markets.

Ingles Markets

“Jim has shown outstanding leadership qualities as President for the past 13 years. I am proud at this time to expand his role for the Company’s future growth, flexibility and development,” said Chairman of the Board Robert P. Ingle, II, in a statement.

Lanning will continue to work with and report to Ingle, who will both retain the title of Chairman and continue his day-to-day active operational role in the executive leadership of the company.

Ingles Markets