iTradeNetwork Rebuilds its OMS Platform

Wed. November 28th, 2018 - by Anne Allen

DUBLIN, CA - iTradeNetwork, the software company that provides easy and transparent supply chain solutions, has recently refreshed its flagship Order Management System (OMS) Solution. This refresh came out once the company identified a need to better serve mid-market retailers and distributors. I spoke with Trey Ruello, Director of Product for OMS Next-Gen, and Ashish Kumar, Director of Product Management for OMS Next-Gen, to learn more.

Trey Ruello, Product Manager for Trace and Fresh Products, iTradeNetwork“Our existing OMS solution has a tremendous set of features and functionality, and we have found that all of those may not be suited for the mid-market segment,” Trey begins. “Thus, we set about rebuilding our OMS platform from scratch, focusing on the user experience and how we could be a better technology partner for our customers. For example, we’ve added a mobile interface—both for iOS and Android—that will allow our users to complete certain time critical tasks on-the-go, instead of being tethered to their computers at all hours of the day. In addition, we'll be bringing some of this enhanced functionality to our existing Enterprise OMS solution.”

The team built intelligence into the platform by coming up with the concept of an issue manager, which makes the system work for the user. The application keeps track of all items that need immediate attention and brings them to the forefront, making it easier for users to stay alert to time critical tasks.

The refreshed OMS supports multiple view ports; desktop, tablet, and mobile (iOS & Android)

“We are also looking to offer functionality to help our clients manage their entire procurement flow, features such as catalog upload, price maintenance, PO creation, shipping—including substitutions, load building, and logistics—along with invoicing. The new application is designed to be more self-service, helping our clients control on-boarding time and cost,” Trey elaborates.

Features within the program include:

  • Full order to cash process
  • Options that allow quick go to market or full back-end integration
  • Event oriented dashboard and alerts
  • Real-time commenting allowing collaboration between trading partners
  • Work-in-progress prompts
  • Detailed change management allowing trading partners to take appropriate action
  • Supports multiple view ports; desktop, tablet, and mobile (iOS & Android)
  • Enhanced self-service onboarding

The new solution benefits mid-market retailers for several reasons. Perishable ordering, as Trey and Ashish explain it to me, is a complex process and the OMS solution was developed primarily to cater to complex workflows. With the middle market requiring different needs, this solution was designed with them in mind.

The refresh came out once the company identified a need to better serve mid-market retailers and distributors

“We are providing mid-market retailers with the advanced functionality our core OMS system delivers,” Ashish explains. “iTradeNetwork also has an existing network of more than 5,000 clients, so any new retailer using the solution will have immediate access to a significant population of vendors already on the platform. In addition, the enhanced user experience is geared towards fostering a collaborative workflow between trading partners, which makes communications, negotiations, and agreements easier and faster.”

Other benefits include:

  • A complete packaged software solution focused on mid-market clients
  • True SaaS offering, which will allow clients to get rid of current manual processes
  • No individual connections with vendors, connect with iTN network model
  • No need to have a separate technical team to manage platform or individual vendor connections

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