Jon Zaninovich, President of Jasmine Vineyards, Discusses Grape Season

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Mon. September 10th, 2018 - by Anne Allen

DELANO, CA - Back-to-school season has officially begun, and with kids heading off to home period, they’ll be needing that perfect mid-day snack to keep their minds alert throughout the day. Jasmine Vineyards, creator of the GrapesToGo™ bag—a 125g single serve option—has a variety of grapes for these eager learners and snackers. I talked to Jon Zaninovich, President, to learn a bit more.

The grape grower is right in the middle of its grape season, and September is usually the height of production in terms of different varieties available.

Jon Zaninovich, President, Jasmine Vineyards“We just finished production of Flames, Princess, Sweet Sunshine, Summer Crunch, and Summer Royal,” Jon tells me. “Right now, we’re heavy into Sweet Celebration, Scarlett Royal, Autumn Royal, and Sweet Globe. In terms of volume, we anticipate roughly similar production with prior season, and quality is also consistent with past seasons.”

To get buyers excited about the grape season, Jasmine Vineyards has been posting videos to its Instagram page, as well as through its Fresh Alerts newsletter. This way, Jon explains, buyers can inspect size, color, and brix of the current crop, as well as get a brief tour of Jasmine Vineyards’ fields and facilities.

The GrapesToGo™ bag is a 125g single-serve option

And those GrapesToGo™ I mentioned earlier? Jon tells me they’ve been a hit.

“They’ve been well-received here at our local football games, and they’re just now hitting retail spaces around the world, so we’re eager to hear back on consumer response,” he concludes.

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