Jordan's United Fresh LIVE 2020 Trade Show Picks

Mon. June 22nd, 2020 - by Jordan Okumura

UNITED STATES - When I stepped (virtually) onto the United Fresh LIVE! trade show floor, I knew exactly where to head first. There are a great many innovators in our industry who tap the senses for amazing product experiences, even when our only access these days is through screen and sound. So, I pointed my digital feet toward a handful of my favorite industry visionaries to bring you a selection of innovations driving the imagination and the bottom line in fresh produce today. They did not disappoint, and I hope that you will feel the same. Check these bad boys out...

Lipman Family Farms New Fresh-Cut Green Beans

Sleek and classy in form and aesthetic, Lipman’s new clipped and cleaned green bean addition to its extensive line of whole and fresh-cut produce is packaged to impress and ready to take center stage. As retailers and foodservice operators look for more value, palate-appeal, and ways to catch the eye of the consumer, Lipman has responded with innovation and excellence. Come October, the new addition to the Lipman lineup will be offered in 12 oz and 24 oz sizes at retail and will also be offered in a 10 lb bulk option for foodservice customers. I love an item that tells ME what to cook for dinner, and Lipman’s new packaging and quality fresh-cut green beans do just that!

Naturipe Snacks™ New Bliss Bentos

When I read “dark chocolate covered chickpeas” as one of the descriptors for the new Chocolate CheerTM Bliss Bento from Naturipe, my interest and taste buds were piqued immediately. Combined with blueberries and dark chocolate chunk granola clusters, this new flavor option is just one of four that has come down the innovation pipeline of the berry powerhouse. The other dynamite combos include Vanilla CrunchTM with blueberries and grapes, mini vanilla-formed granola, and honey roasted walnuts; Salty CarameliciousTM with blueberries, salted caramel granola clusters, and salted cashews; and Berry LemonyTM with blueberries, lemon coconut granola clusters, and yogurt almonds. One way for a company to get a share of my wallet is by bringing diversity to the palate and Naturipe has done it in berry-ful ways.

Mucci Farms Zukies

Mucci Farms will be displaying its latest lineup via 3D software, creating avatars of some team members as an added detail so the visitor truly feels like they’re actually at the show

The greenhouse phenom just made me a loyal shopper for life as the company debuted a new product at United Fresh LIVE! that seeks to elevate one of my favorite categories: zucchini. Zukies Mini Zucchinis are a vibrant Italian variety that can be used in traditional ways and also enjoyed raw—elements that this trade news writer can get behind. Whether sautéed, sprinkled with sea salt, or dipped in sriracha, I will be plenty satisfied on both a flavor and a fresh produce consumption front. Since I, along with many consumers, eat with my eyes first, retailers are bound to be overjoyed with the packaging presentation as well as a potential sales bump for the ring at the register.


I don’t know about you, but I love fresh produce that has a quality you can hear, especially if that sound is a pleasant crunch. After the successful launch of BrightFarms Sunny Crunch lettuce, the company took its ingenuity one step further and made the line into a triple threat with the addition of Spring Crunch and Harvest Crunch. Spring Crunch is a tasty mix of BrightFarms Sunny Crunch and another one of its bestsellers: Spring Mix. The combination makes for a sweet and light experience that knows no bounds—only that of your imagination. Harvest Crunch is a delightful duo of crunchy red and green leaf lettuces, bringing a splash of color and heightened flavor to any salad or sandwich of your choosing. The visual presentation of all three allows the products to speak for themselves while elevating the BrightFarms brand and design to pack a punch—or, rather, a crunch. So, my suggestion? Add a little volume to your produce department mix this summer and beyond.

May we all tip our glasses to the inaugural United Fresh LIVE! 2020 event, and to the top innovators making waves in the cosumer basket, on the plate, and beyond!