Kings Food Markets Bring Back the Just Picked Promise Program

Wed. May 20th, 2015
- by Jordan Okumura     

PARSIPPANY, NJ - Kings Food Markets is bringing back its Just Picked Promise Program for the summertime season.

Paul Kneeland, Vice President of Produce, Meat, Seafood and Floral for Kings Food Markets“Freshness equals time,” Paul Kneeland, Vice President of Produce, Meat, Seafood and Floral for Kings Food Markets, according to a press release. “That’s why we are so proud to bring back our 24 hour Just Picked Promise. Our growers are committed to bringing the freshest, highest quality local produce to our stores every delivery.”

Beginning Friday, May 22, customers for the retail market will have access to locally grown, farm-fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs within 24 hours of being picked.

Judy Spires, President and CEO of Kings Food Markets“Each summer, we look forward to bringing the Just Picked Promise Program to our customers,” Judy Spires, President and CEO of Kings Food Markets, said in the release. “This exclusive program allows us to deliver the freshest produce available from our shoppers’ local community. As soon as customers see the Just Picked Promise seal, they know they are purchasing high quality products just like what they find at their local produce stand.”

Kings reportedly works with over 25 farmers in the region during the duration of the program, fresh, seasonal products are harvested in the morning delivered to the market for sale the next day through an expedited distribution process, according to the company. The program is the result of a partnership and collaboration with a non-profit organization called Red Tomato, which is Massachusetts-based and focuses on strengthening the connection from farmer to consumer.

Kings Food Markets' consumers will be able to find the fresh-picked produce under the 24 Hour Just Picked Promise seal in Kings stores. While the available items will vary on a daily basis, the release states that summer products such as arugula, basil, cilantro, lettuce, squash, mint, blueberries, cucumbers, kale and tomatoes can be expected.

The program will continue to run through Labor Day on Monday, September 7th.

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