Ladybug Bloom Appears as Mystery Blob Over California

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Mon. June 10th, 2019
- by Anne Allen     

CALIFORNIA - A blob has appeared in the sky, and before you ask, no, it isn’t a bird or a plane or even Superman. It’s a giant blob of ladybugs, also known as a bloom!

According to a report from AccuWeather, the San Diego office of the National Weather Service first noticed the blob last week. They informed a ground spotter, who informed them that the strange phenomenon wasn’t precipitation, but was in fact a gigantic cluster of beetles off to snack on aphids and pollen in the mountains.

Ladybugs are especially helpful for those in the growing business, as they consume plant-eating insects (like those aphids I mentioned earlier) which helps protect crops.

Will we continue to see more beetle blobs in the future? Will our crops be better protected due to their insect-fighting prowess? AndNowUKnow will continue to bring you the latest in weather updates and more.