Leona Neill and Carlos Visconti of Red Sun Farms Talk Past, Present, and Future

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Wed. January 23rd, 2019 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO - I always enjoy looking to our northern neighbors to bring excellence to the retail department with their year-round commitments to fresh produce, innovation, and flavor. This January, Red Sun is reflecting back as well as looking forward, with this first month of 2019 nearly under our belts.

The company was busy in 2018, with exciting initiatives that inspired Red Sun Farms to shake up its traditional approach to new products including the launch of Sweetpops.

Leona Neill, Director of Marketing and Packaging, Red Sun Farms“We knew we had a product that was a homerun, and with the support of consumer research, we created bold new graphics, supported by a new package design, combined with some fun advertising promotion to support the launch,” Leona Neill, Director of Marketing and Packaging, shares with me. “The goal was to create an energy of excitement at 2018’s PMA Fresh Summit, and from the response of our retail partners, our plan was executed and this approach will direct us in the new year.”

Sweetpops boast a distinct balanced sweet-to-acidity ratio and a bite-sized proportion that pops in your mouth

The company has always strived to maintain a seat at the top of game, and this year Red Sun notes it will be no different as the team continues to focus on growth and innovation—not only on growth of its facilities, but innovative new products and packaging. The specifics are still under lock and key but stay tuned for some exciting news in 2019!

Carlos Visconti, CEO USA & Canada Operations, Red Sun Farms“Being a leader is about delivering consistent quality, product availability, transparency, and trust with your customers, while providing an offering that exceeds our consumers expectations,” states Carlos Visconti, CEO USA & Canada Operations. “One of these ways is through our ‘Seed to Plate’ commitment where we ensure control of the entire production cycle from seed selection to delivery. This vertically integrated business model insures the best quality, flavor, consistency, and customer service from all our locations and farms.”

This year Red Sun will continue to focus on growth and innovation, both in its facilities, and its products and packaging

2018 was by far one of Red Sun Farms’ most successful years.

“Our challenge in 2019, will be to maintain the distinction as a supplier of choice, who drives disruption on the supply side through innovative products, supplier relationships, and superior produce,” Carlos adds.

It is easy to see that the force is strong with this one, especially when you look at the company’s commitment to value—built on four Pillars. Here they are, in Red Sun Farm’s commitment:

  1. Accountability: Our team takes pride in our work and as we pursue growth, we take accountability for our actions and commitments.
  2. Collaboration: Through our teamwork we continuously improve in everything we do to meet our shared objectives.
  3. Trust: Our partners know us as an ethical organization as we instill trust in them through our confidence, integrity, and authenticity.
  4. Innovation: Our success is based in part on our commitment to creating new and better ways and continuously improving in our customer solutions, products, and service.

    Look out 2019, there is much more to come from this industry powerhouse, and we will be here to bring it to you all.

    Red Sun Farms