Lipman Family Farms Showcases Crimson Tomato Varieties

Fri. December 6th, 2019 - by Anne Allen

IMMOKALEE, FL - As the popularity of fresh-cut, made-to-order produce continues to rise, Lipman Family Farms is stepping up to the plate with its portfolio of retail- and foodservice-friendly products. Most recently, the grower has been showcasing its fresh-cut line of foodservice and retail packaging options, along with its beloved Crimson tomato varieties in fresh-cut form, that have been lighting up shows and expos all year.

Bo Bates, General Manager of FOB Tomato Sales, Lipman Family Farms“The even coloring and consistency, as well as low shrinkage, is what a lot of chain stores, and a lot of buyers, are really going after,” Bo Bates, General Manager of FOB Tomato Sales, said in a press release.

The grower continues to grow its full line of ready-to-eat tomatoes and vegetable offerings, including its signature Crimson variety. The Crimson tomato has ideal characteristics for slicing evenly without bruising or damaging the tomato’s outer skin, giving the variety a reputation as one of the country’s best slicing tomatoes. These unique traits allow great volume for Lipman’s sliced Crimson tomato trays, perfect for appetizers and deli sandwiches.

Lipman’s New Jersey facility was the first of its facilities to offer fresh-cut services almost 14 years ago, making it a pioneer in the fresh-cut tomato category. Having expanded to six facilities across North America, Lipman has perfected the art of slicing and dicing, with state-of-the-art machinery and pristine food safety techniques.

The grower’s Crimson tomato variety saw an extremely successful first season, and an even larger supply is projected for next season. Lipman has also been showcasing its Crimson roma tomato which rounds out the grower’s offerings that also include its Crimson round slicing tomato and Crimson grape tomato. The Crimson roma holds the same redder brix, stronger skin wall, and more powerful flavor profile as its fellow Crimson varieties. Lipman is bringing its show-stopping varieties to the upcoming New York Produce Show, which is expected to attract 5,000 retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and restaurateurs.

Darren Micelle, COO, Lipman Family Farms“The goal of the show is for us to display the vastness of our one-stop shop,” said Darren Micelle, COO. “We are excited to showcase our Crimson tomato at the peak of its season, along with our newly established Crimson varieties.”

If you plan to attend the show, Lipman Family Farms will be featuring its Crimson tomato offerings at booth #528.

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